Why can't Mexicans assimilate ?

I am truly perplexed by the inability of Mexicans to assimilate. For 400 years every other immigrant group ( even those brought here involuntarily ) has managed to become a valuable part of an American whole. After all there are more than 80 million American of German descent, when is the last time you were offered press 1 for German, press 2 for English. Nearly 13% of Americans are of West African descent, how many Ibo or Hausa language TV and radio stations are there ? In many parts of the country one or more ethnic groups are locally dominant but now one cries for public documents to be printed in Swedish in Minnesota or Tagalog for the Philipino majority in several California communities.
Of all the ethnic groups, every single on has chosen to become loyal and integrated members of the American community. Only Mexicans require Spanish TV, Spanish radio, Bilingual schools, Spanish newspapers, Spanish welfare forms, Spanish ballots, Spanish in every store.


Do you wish OUR president would ask for a ban on amnesty for illegal aliens like France's wants?

They can. They won't.

What do you think of Illegal immigration?

they can and do; but some dont thats the way it goes. Look at Britain and decide for yourself what kind of multicultural paradigm you want.

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Don't confuse a marketing strategy with a political strategy. It's just smart business to make your product available to as many people as possible. It's called expanding your market.

Illegal Migrants = Modern day slaves.?

Its only the Illegal ones that refuse to assimilate.

They are convinced that if they assimilate to a new culture that they will lose theirs. Thats why a good number of them refuse to learn English and assimilate. Makes me wonder though, why is it if they have to learn English they are losing their culture but if I learn a foreign language to speak to them I am broadening my horizons? By their standards I am abandoning my culture, but because I am not Mexican I am broadening my horizons.

If they want Spanish on everything so badly, they need to go back to where they came from.

Are We Not All Humans, Why do we act like animals and become so Territorial?

They can if they wanted to, but they don't want to. They are loyal to Mexico and don't seem to feel the need.

I saw this with an illegal family that lived with a friend. When we came over, they hid in their room. Our friend said they felt inferior to us but I thought that was BS.

It would be easier for them if we just spoke Spanish.

Did Yahoo take away all my reasons to be nice and good when it comes to this Imm. section?

I think the problem is the mass numbers that are here. Assimilation has always been a big concern no matter the ethnic group. We stopped the influx of that particular group when the concerns were raised. The only difference is that we aren't doing anything to prevent the constant flow of Mexicans.

Is it possible to sue and deport an American back to their country of their ancestors such as England?

It isn't a question of can't assimilate
It is doesn't want to assimilate
When you start with Illegally arriving in the USA why bother to become part of the greatest nation on earth, are not the USA's laws meant to be broken? We don't enforce them
Useless in their home country and more useless in OUR's
Rejects is all they are

Which employer wants to hire me?

It's a third world mentality.

They view the border as an inconvenience, and don't seem to view the United States as another country with laws. They call it "El Norte," (The North) as if it were just another state in Mexico.

The other immigrants you mentioned couldn't just walk across the border, so they went the legal route, and prepared.

I got my illegal housekeeper pregnant. What should I do?

Its is not that they can't, its that they do not want to. Also call it lack of respect, respect for our country, our countrys flag, and our countrys laws. May 1st, see what country flag you see the most, and the signs, my bet is they will mostly be in spanish.

What's the status about the immigration reforms and laws in USA today?

maybe ur just blind to the fact that much of the minority population in the US is of Latino descent which indicates that they would speak Espanol. Also, if u hadn't noticed that thy neighboring country o say South of us is Mexico, then yes this would also add to the spanish effect. Now if radio or television broadcasting is provided is spanish, then its becasue of their bottomline & that means money.Did u know that Telemundo ( 2nd larget spanish network) is owned by NBC Universal division of General Electric. See money only comes in one color it doesnt matter who's giving it! so the next time u want to rant & rave about pressing 1 think about the American monopolies who are selling/buying these illegal immigrants time/money!! obviously they have some buying power in order for these companies to continue to cater to them!

Treason? What is your spin on this?

There are billboards in other languages other than Spanish.

I see some in Vietnamese. I don't have a problem with it.

The companies are trying to market to them for $$$$.
They have an equal chance of being persuaded to purchase stuff to make stockholders richer$$$

Do you believe that there is brainwashing on a mass scale going on in Mexico?

And ...... you're just jealous we are that privileged. That shows you the power we have. They're just accommodating us. !

Since America is not enforcing Immigration law and that means that law and order apparently ...?

Unfortunately, they do assimilate. When families first arrive here, they are strong on family values, work ethic and initiative. Then after the kids are exposed to the lazy and self-indulgent youth culture of the United States, they start losing the moral groundedness of their parents.

Why is George Bush so desperate to get this AMNESTY bill passed.?

For every group of people there are always those who DO NOT want to conform. I do not know why some just don't want to assimilate. As an immigrant myself i personally take it as my responsibility to be able to know the basic language of the country i moved into, and some of the customs, and traditions. I may not agree with some of them (like the Easter Bunny, i still don't get that) but it wouldn't hurt to take the time to understand them and not just shun the idea.

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There's a difference between can't and won't. Many won't and have no intention to do so. In my opinion they shouldn't be given any special privaleges or considerations for refusing to assimilate. I doubt very seriously there's any country who would change their entire educational system etc. to suit one group of illegal immigrants. You watch how many others will follow suit......if I wanted to be a world traveler I would ,but I don't think it's possible to expect American citizens to learn every ethnic language of every different group who wanted to come here, just to make it to the other side of town......just because they don't want to learn English or give up part of their culture.

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They do not WANT to assimilate!! They think they can just come to the US and change the US to accommodate them.
They will give you lots of excuses but none of them are legitimate or valid.

Why everybody have no respect and hating the Mintuesmen now, even anti illegals, is it cause?

they do not want to.They want everythng handed to them on silver platter.

Supports of amnesty keep repeating that not everyone gets what they want in this bill, if even?

Mexicans do assimilate; it's just that it is much harder for them to "fully" assimilate when the fact is that Mexico is basically a "hop, skip, and a jump" away.
This allows them to not fully let go of their cultural ways for that of America's as Italians, Germans, Frenchman, and many other people who emigrated to the US did in the late 1800's and early 1900's (as well as today also).
Plus, here in the US, we allow people to become enclaved in communities where it is wasy to live life here like they did in theri home country. I think that this is a huge problem because all that it does it just create a lot of division within our nation, making it a "tossed salad" as opposed to the melting pot it's supposed to be.

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I think you ask a good question.

I have been told as another person alluded; it is due to the proximity of their native country. As they can come and go so easily, they are very tethered to their native ways.

But what floats as the norm in the barrios of Mexico doesn't play well on the South side of Chicago!

I mean if you wish to remain here..why not learn the language?
Why not adopt the best norms of the local culture?

How many times has one seen a news conference
with a woman and man in the background. The woman is crying stating "I've lived here 15 years. Yes, I arrived illegally.. but,.I want to stay!"

All of her words are spoken via a interpreter because she nor her husband speak ENGLISH!!

Why would you choose to emigrate to a country where you can't fully participate in it's society?

My girlfriends brother attended medical school in Germany. He FIRST learned German. He didn't show up demanding or expecting a GSL aide

illegals want to do as they wish, tell us to "just deal with it"
and at the same time, threaten us to leave them alone to do it!

Sue me, I never took tyoing?

not because mexicans is not about mexico its been mexicans and not about not speak english its been mexican better than white

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